Like many leading global companies, mabe™ was founded more than 65 years ago in its founder’s garage. Since then, mabe™ has had an impressive history of growth, quickly becoming the favorite brand in consumers’ minds and the leader in the Americas.

A pioneer in the design and manufacturing of products focused on home solutions, mabe™ has contributed for many years to making life easier for millions of families around the world.

Since the beginning, mabe had a clear vision for growth, and today mabe™ is a global company selling products in more than 70 countries.

When mabe™ and GE formed their partnership in 1987, research and development of new technologies was considered an essential part of the pact. That is why, ever since then, mabe™ has had at its disposition one of the largest and most advanced technological development centers for appliances in the world.

Located in Mexico, this enables mabe™ to attend to the U.S market with the required product and service quality at a competitive cost.