AM6NI677JVS 4-door refrigerator

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Features and Benefits:

1. Holiday Mode - uses less power by running minimal cooling cycles. This is ideal when you are away and the door is not being opened regularly. 

2. Super Freezer - This will cool the cavity quickly. Perfect if you want something cooled quickly (such as drinks) or if you put items in that are not already chilled. 

3. Compact counter depth  - Depth of 697mm allows the fridge to be flush with the average Australian kitchen counter. 

4. Frost Free Freezer - No need to defrost manually and scrape down ice, it will regularly run defrost cycles to prevent ice build up. 

5. Flexi-Freeze - Allows you to set freezer compartment to preset temperatures between –7o and -18o


  • Total capacity: 675L
  • Fridge capacity: 410L
  • Freezer capacity: 265L
  • Digital display
  • Compact counter depth of 697mm
  • Frost Free
  • Flexi-Freeze allows you to toggle preset temperatures for freezer compartment
  • Open door signal
  • Accessories: Ice cube tray, glass shelves
  • Holiday mode: Use less power when your away