GE Appliances AE1BC18NKO 2hp


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Energy saving Inverter Technology - GE air conditioner’s Inverter Technology continuously regulates thermal transfer flow depending on your cooling demands and helps save up to 60% of energy through its powerful compressor.
DOP-free. Safe for pregnant women and infants - Dioctyl Phthalate, also known as DOP, is a plasticizer that is a material in a majority of air conditioners. It is potentially harmful to pregnant women and young children as metabolism of Phthalates can produce substances, which mimic sex hormones. Phthalates are thought to be “anti-androgens”, which may have effects on developing fetuses & young children. There are also statistical links to health effects such as obesity, insulin resistance, and attention deficit disorder. Although absorption via the skin is slight, even the tiniest amount of phthalates may be able to produce harmful effects. The GE aircon Inverter Technology uses safe alternatives to DOP, letting you truly breathe a sigh of relief.
Blower Function - Lets the indoor fan blow away all the residual water on the evaporator, helping avoid fungi and mold formation.
Health Filter - Contains anti-bacterial materials that help with stand mildew and other harmful elements.
Sleep modes - Evenly increases or decreases the temperature depending on the body’s condition, enhancing the comfort level while lowering energy consumption. The unit’s microcomputer instructs it to run according to the preset temperature and time during sleep time.
Multi-temperature Display - Shows the unit’s two temperatures, the set temperature and the room temperature at the same time.
Remote Lock- Automatically locks the remote keys, much like the keyboard lock function of mobile phones.
Circulating Timer - Enables the user to preset the timer and use the unit at the exact time preferred.
Quiet Design- The new wind system lessens the noise level of the air conditioner
Turbo mode - Provides powerful cooling at shortest amount of time

Capacity 2hp
Approx. room size 36sqm
Rated Voltage 230V
Frequency 60Hz
Refrigerant R410A
EER 12.7
Swing Yes
Manual Left/Right Variable Air Discharge Yes
Control Type Remote control
Emergency Option (when no remote) Yes
Automatic mode Yes
Turbo mode Yes
Cool mode Yes
Fan only mode Yes
Dehumidifier mode Yes
Timer mode Yes
Sleep modes Yes
# of Fan speeds on indoor unit 3
Indoor coil frost protection Yes
Corrosion Protection- Outdoor unit Yes
Auto-clean Yes
Auto-restart Yes
Air Cleaning Filters (2pcs) Yes