Pentair Energon S2000-A Reverse Osmosis System

Pentair S2000-A dual-faucet reverse osmosis water purifier.

Simple, easy, for top purity. Purify your body and mind in the simplest way.

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  • GRADE- WATER EFFICIENCY. Top water efficiency for less water consumption. Enjoy purified water while achieving water savings. Professionally certified Grade-1 water efficiency. The best of both worlds: Energy Saving and environmental friendly.
  • DUAL-FAUCET DESIGN. Equipped with Two filtration modes; make the choice as required. And avant-garde design, a breakthrough in water purifier design that offers both potable pure water or clean water for hygiene within a single machine.
  • SMART DIGITAL DISPLAY. Smart visual display showing quality of purified water. LED display panel; LED ring light on faucet; Water leakage alarm; Automatic flushing. A clear view of water quality and cartridge lifespan.
  • PATENTED INTEGRATED WATER-ROUTE BOARD: WORRY-FREE CARTRIDGE MANAGEMENT. Pentair water purifier uses patented integrated water-route board. Much lower probability of water leakage ensures safe usage. Much easier and safer cartridge replacement.
  • COMPACT AND SPACE-SAVING DESIGN. Sleek, petite, and minimalist, for a modern feel. Just the right fit for smaller homes. With more space, you and your family can take life light and easy.
  • FAST CARTRIDGE REPLACEMENT FOR ELEGANT LIFESTYLE. Integrated Cartridge element; Quick and easy 3-step cartridge replacement. A built-in shutoff valve enables safe and convenient cartridge replacement.
RO Membrane Performance (GPD)
System Flow Rate (L/min)
Dual Faucets
Pure Water and Clean Water
Cabinet Type
Product Dimensions (mm)
132L x 438D x 361H
Inlet Water Quality
Chlorinated City Water
Inlet Water Pressure (PSI)
15 to 55
Operating Water Pressure (PSI)
60 to 110
Operating Environment
Ambient temperature 4°C-40°C, relative humidity ≤90% (indoors)
Power Supply (V/Hz)
110-220 / 50-60
Power (W)
Cartridge Lifespan Progress Bars + TDS Value + Flushing Status Indicator + Leakage Alarm Function Buttons: Select Button; Flush Button; Reset Button
Leakage Alarm
Display + Beep
Cartridge Type
Disposable Cartridge
Booster Pump
Water Storage Tank