GE Avantapure 268-868-150-1054 Water Softener

Two-Tank Type Water Softener.

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Having problems with your water?

  • Do you see spots and film on dishes and bathtubs?
  • Is the pipelines of your house clogged?
  • Do you feel your hair to be sticky and look dull?
  • Or does the water taste slightly bitter?

A Water Softener is the treatment you need in your water. Protect your home with softened water to prolong the lifespan of pipes and home appliances from scale buildup and clogging.

Have peace of mind, knowing your system will bring you years of treated water use and enjoyment.

* NEVER FORGETS: Memory back-up retains settings during power outages

* SMART THINKING: A full digital electronic controller is in command through all stages of treatment, adjusting in response to changes in water usage.

* EXTRA WATER ON DEMAND: Got guests? Add extra capacity at the push of a button.

* EFFICIENCY EXPERT: Only regenerates when needed – saves time, energy and money.

* ONLY THE FINEST: Components constructed of the very best materials to withstand corrosion and wear.

* Spend less on soaps, detergents and cleaning supplies ... up to a 50% savings!

* Showering leaves you with a fresh, clean feel.

* Machine washables rinse cleaner, feel softer and retain color longer.

* Dishes can be rinsed without costly drying agents.

Recharge Style Downflow
Media Tank Size (in) 10W x 54H
Resin Volume (L) 1 cuft
Brine Tank Size (in) 15W x 40H in
Salt Storage (kg) 108.9
Drain Flow Rate (gpm) 2.7
Service Connection Size (in) 1” NPT
Drain Connection Size (in) 3/4” NPT
Recharge Connection Size – Brine (in) 3/8” NPT
Power Supply (V/Hz) 12V / 50~60Hz
Installation Space Requirements (in) 26W x 24D x 50H
Shipping Weight (kg) 54.4/24.9 kg